Sirago celebrates Mandela Day

Saving the African honeybees, creating jobs and supporting people with rare diseases

On 18 July, people around the world celebrate Mandela Day.  For South Africans, it is a bitter-sweet day.  Bitter, because we find ourselves without our beloved Madiba, a man and icon who did so much, gave so much and meant so much to so many.  Sweet, because it will be a day to remember him, to cherish his memory and his legacy, and be reminded to live by the three rules that Mandela followed throughout his life at great personal sacrifice – free yourself, free others, and serve everyday – it was not just his mantra, it was his way of life.

In honour of Mandela Day, Sirago Underwriting Managers has decided to support the SUPAPELE NPC, RARE DISEASES SA and AFRICAN HONEYBEE INITIATIVE in a 3-FOR 1 Covid-19 lockdown programme.

Sirago will be donating funds to purchase hand-made crocheted honeybees, which will then be donated to patients suffering from a rare disease through the Rare Disease South Africa initiative.  Each unique toy is hand-crafted by disadvantaged women in Kya Sand.  The profits are shared between them and Rare Bear SA who created the employment project, and the African Honeybee initiative which is dedicated to education, developing beekeeping skills, assisting with building sustainable honey-based micro-businesses in disadvantaged communities as well as conservation of honeybees throughout rural South Africa.

“There are so many worthy and important causes we would like to support, and Covid-19 has certainly amplified the tremendous vulnerabilities that beset our society.  We loved this 3-in-1 initiative led by Supapele, a non-profit organisation that is spearheaded by ordinary, passionate South Africans who came together as a group of friends looking to make a difference on the ground.  Supapele assists other charities to reach their goals by getting its team and supporters to either contribute financially or donate their time and skills.  It’s a wonderful reminder that we can all get together and dedicate our time, skills and financial support to make a difference where it is needed the most,” explains Martin Rimmer, CEO of Sirago Underwriting Managers.

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